Exploring the labyrinth-like underground world of Domaine Pommery is an immersive journey through past and present, mingling reality, wonder and fantasy. In this mysterious place, where champagne ferments and the humidity wears away the chalk walls, giving them a patina that resembles a constantly evolving painting, the atmosphere brings to mind the caves where art was born in prehistory, catacombs, mushroom cellars or the tunnels of underground railways. Such places have always fascinated and inspired artists, from the appearance of cave paintings to graffiti and alternative festivals. The exhibition ‘L’esprit souterrain’ (Subterranean spirit) offers a physical and mental experience on the fringes of creation and territories, bringing together twenty or so artists from various fields and generations, whose works (including paintings, sculptures, installations, video and music) merge with, defy or reveal their surroundings, inviting the general public to explore both the works and their underground setting!

14 September 2018 to 15 June 2019